How do I use your Coat Shampoo Bar on my dog?

We recommend that you start by rinsing the mud and dirt off your dog. Run the bar under clean warm water and rub the wet bar onto your wet dog. Continue to rub the bar onto the fur to create a silky lather. Try to spend some time bonding with your dog and massage the lather into your dog’s fur. Rinse well and towel dry.

My dog has short hair, will your products still work?

Yes, our products are suitable for all types of dog fur. You may need to use less product if your dog has short hair, or is a small breed and more for longer hair or a larger breed.

My dog is a puppy, can I use your products?

Our products are suitable for dogs over the age of 12 weeks.

What is your returns policy?

For health and hygiene reasons, we are sorry but we can’t accept returns on our grooming products.

Do you mail your products outside the UK?

We currently only post to addresses within the UK.

Why do dogs need paw balm?

A dog’s paw pads can get sore, dry and cracked throughout the year.

In winter, dog’s paws can suffer in the cold weather but can also become irritated and dry as salt and grit is spread onto the roads and pavements.  When you take your dog out for a walk on a really cold day, and if you’ve had to walk on snow, ice or gritted pavements, make sure you wipe your dog’s paws when you get home. Apply a small amount of Paw & Skin Balm and let it absorb all the goodness into your dog’s paw pads. This will help nourish and soothe cracked and dry paws.

In the summer, the hot pavements and rough, dry terrain can take it’s toll on your precious pup’s paws. In extreme temperatures, this can lead to burns. Try to take you dog for a walk earlier or later in the day to avoid the hottest part and avoid the midday sun. Take lots of water with you. Encourage your dog to walk on grass or other softer, cooler surfaces as much as possible. Before you go out, apply a little of our balm to your dog’s paws and let it fully absorb. This will help create a temporary protective barrier to help avoid burns. It won’t stop burning all together in really hot temperatures, so please be careful!