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Coat Mist No.5 Calm 50ml

Coat Mist No.5 Calm 50ml

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The Free To Live Coat Mist No.5 is a natural, gentle spray made with a blend of calming essential oils to refresh and remove any unwanted doggy smells that may hang around between washes.
 This Coat Mist has been specially formulated to encourage calmness and to help reduce anxiety in dogs.

Our Coat Mist can be sprayed directly onto your dog’s fur whenever needed to help neutralise the smell, with the additional benefit of relaxing your dog’s mood (if they are in a calm environment).

If your dog is not a fan of being sprayed, you can spritz their bed, their favourite blanket or even your car with our natural product. This Coat Mist is ideal to be used as a bed spray to help your dog if they suffer from separation anxiety.


100% Pure Steam Distilled Water

Coconut Oil - coconut oil is an amazing ingredient. It can help make your dog's coat look healthy and glossy and it can help soothe irritated, itchy skin.

Vitamin E Oil – to support healthy skin and promote shiny, glossy fur.

Essential Oils - we only use a small amount of essential oils, so your dog can benefit from the oils’ properties without overpowering your dog’s sensitive nose. All essential oils are diluted in carrier oils.

Cedarwood Oil – helps repel bugs, promotes healthy skin and has a lovely relaxing effect.

Bergamot Oil - another relaxing essential oil which can reduce stress in dogs.  

Frankincense Oil – promotes calm and relaxation in dogs.

Roman Chamomile Oil – to reduce anxiety and help create a calm pet.

Preservative - we have to add a preservative to our Coat Mists as distilled water is a key ingredient in our recipe. The preservative we have chosen is a mix of Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin. It is used in very small doses and as less than 1% is added to our products, it is safe to use on your dog.

How to use

Shake well before use.

For best results use on a dry coat.

If spraying directly onto fabric, please test a small area of fabric first to make sure you don’t get any marks.

Do not spray near face.

For external use only.

Store in a cool, dark place.


The 50ml bottle is a handy small size - perfect to carry with you on doggy adventures or keep in the car. 

Our Coat Mist No.5 comes in a 30% post-consumer regrind, recycled PET amber bottle. The bottle has been bought from our suppliers who source the bottles from the Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) programme.  Prevented Ocean Plastic is high quality recycled PET which is collected from coastal areas, preventing it from entering the ocean. The bottle and the atomiser are widely recyclable.

Please recycle.

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