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Paw & Skin Balm 30g

Paw & Skin Balm 30g

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Our Paw & Skin Balm is a kind and natural product which moisturises and soothes your dog’s sore or dry paws. It can also be used on any external skin that may be dry, cracked or sore, including ears, noses and wrinkles!


Shea Butter – we use pure and unrefined Shea Butter in our Paw & Skin Balm which is packed with nutrients. Shea Butter is an intensive natural moisturiser and rich in Vitamins A and E which promotes skin healing and relief from dry skin.

Coconut Oil – we use a pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil which has been produced by cold pressing the kernels of organic coconuts. Coconut oil is soft and soothing and helps ease skin inflammation.

Canola Oil and Coconut Oil Wax – this vegan-friendly wax blend is made from responsibly sourced premium rapeseed and coconut oils. This stabilises the balm and creates a protective barrier between the irritant and your dog’s paws. It can help prevent burning paws in the summer and a build-up of ice, snow and grit in the winter.  

Candelilla Wax – this wax is very similar to beeswax and has many of the same benefits, but is a plant based vegan wax. It is incredibly soothing which is great for moisturising and softening cracked skin. One of the benefits of using this hard wax is that it helps creates the important protective barrier for your dog’s paws against the elements.

Vitamin E Oil – supports healthy skin, helps cracked, sore and itchy paws.

Essential Oils - we only use a small amount of essential oils, so your dog can benefit from the oils properties without overpowering your dog’s sensitive nose. All essential oils are diluted in carrier oils.

Frankincense Essential Oil – promotes calm and relaxation in dogs. Helps soothe irritated skin and is known for its antibacterial healing properties.

How to use

Gently massage a small amount onto cracked and dry skin. A little goes a long way with this balm.

Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks.

For external use only.

Store in a cool dry place.

Vegan and lick safe.


Our Paw & Skin Balm comes in a convenient black aluminium tin which is widely recyclable.

Please recycle.


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